Hey everyone! I realise, that, I haven’t posted in ages again- Are you surprised? :’D So, I guess this’ll be my millionth- (is that a word? xD) ‘update’, but hey, I promise I’ll try stick at it this time!
So, I guess I’ll start with, the bunnies, of course! So, you wont believe it, but, she had 2 more. No, I’m not joking. Peter, who we still have, and unfortunately Stubs, who wasn’t born well, I don’t think his legs developed properly, or they were too big for him, since breeding a small breed with a big, I mean, its likely, we tried, of course- oh my god I don’t want to cry- but, now he’s with D.D and Petals 🙂 RIP Stubs, god bless ❤
I can’t do anything without crying anymore oh my life. Love you Stubsy (:, but, as I said, she had another, called Peter! Who, we are going to have to giveaway soon, same with Bruv, awesome name right? But, we have to, because it isn’t fair on Bandit, and Milky, as they’re boys, they don’t leave them alone, so it, although sad, its the best decision, and I promise we’ll find them loving homes.
So, soon, we’ll have a normal amount of bunnies, 3! I am so thankful, that we ever had them, and they are the sweetest little things.
Like I said, I will try my hardest to stay on top of this blog, but sometimes it is just a little difficult, but I will try!

~ Loveacandmsp ❤

Water Pollution.

Hello! So this is not your regular post from me, but there is something I really need to get out there. As you know, I am a huge lover of animals, and really anything to do with wild life. And that includes the sea, and today, I’d like to address water pollution.

As we all know, this is a HUGE problem, in the earth, is water pollution, and you can help stop it. If you’re confused, or just really know anything much about what i’m talking about, I’ll explain. In its simplest form, the water is being polluted with waste, and it’s taking lives. And not just animals, but anyone who drinks the water. In some places of our world, it is not as easy to access clean water, and therefore end up drink the dirty water, which can cause illness, and sometimes even death.

And, we can help to stop! And it’s simple. Always, throw away your rubbish, and even if you’re not putting it directly into water, it could easily end up in the water.

So all I’d like you to do is throw your rubbish away, and if everyone does that, then maybe our water can be clear again!

Thankyou for reading, and have a good day!


Sorry this is quite short and snappy, I just wanted to get this out there.

Favourite Zoella Products Of All Time

Hey! So today I am going to be doing my favourite Zoella products of all time. So, its been a while since I informed you about the bunnies, but I will obviously be telling you all about them in my next blog post. Stay tuned!

So, if you don’t know who the amazing Zoella is, then you’ve clearly been living under a rock since shes blew up over the past few years, and I’ve been a fan of hers for quite a while now, at least 3-4 years. Over that time, shes released a few, amazing ranges, which some of which I’ve brought! In today’s blog post I’m going to be telling you my favourite.

(This is in no particular order, just a round up of my favourites)

  1. Treasure Me
    This was an amazing box that she released in 2017 for her Christmas range. Technically this counts as more than one of her products, because it was filled with around 10 of her products, and even some exclusives, from that year. Here’s a picture:

    Image result for treasure me zoella
    This picture is not mine, as well as all of these, all rights to the original owner. 

    I personally love this because I just think it was so reasonably priced, and every single one of the products, I used and loved. They smell amazing, and are really worth the price you pay. I’ve had it since Christmas now, and some of the products are still lasting! I think if she ever releases another box around this price range again, then i’d be very happy, and will be reviewing it here, of course.

  2. Once Upon A Time Journal
    Image result for once upon a time journal zoella
    all rights to original owner

    I particularly enjoyed this journal because of the amazing quality, and cutesy little quotes dotted around the book. I don’t believe this is available to buy anymore, but I may be wrong. This is a great buy, and I really enjoyed it!

    3. The whole 2016 Lifestyle Christmas Range

    Since all the things from this range were incredible, I simply couldn’t name them one by one, but this was an amazing range, and I purchased quite a bit of it, and it was all incredible quality, and amazingly enjoyable to use.
    Since this is going to be quite long, I’m going to have to round it off there, but I will be working on a part to for all of you!
    Thankyou very much for reading, and make sure to follow to be notified when the next post will be up! Bye x

Animal Update & Blog Update!

Hello! So, I just wanted to do a post, to notify you of some things! Obviously my last post was about how my rabbit gave birth to some amazing bunnies, and if you’re interested in reading the post, the link is here :https://loveacandmsp.wordpress.com/2018/04/14/something-crazy-has-happend-story-time/

So, I don’t know if ya’ll have realised, but I have updated my blog! I am probably going to change the actual picture you may see at the top, to something that suits a little more. If you haven’t already realised, I am going to revolve my blog more around animals. Don’t get me wrong, I still am obsessed with all things gaming, but it’s a little hard to write about gaming. So, I decided to leave that to my YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJklyv2RFImdwCe-NC8WGsw

So I can focus on more, pets, and stuff I can easily write about.

And the bunnies? They’re doing great 😀 I’m sorry I can’t yet supply any photos, I just haven’t gotten round to taking some good ones, and we are not yet able to take them out of their nest yet. But I will post a TON of photos as soon as they can get around a little.

Two of the four are identical to Kimi (Their Dad) and that’s so adorable! The other two are jet black, and that’s adorable too, but in a way I was kind of hoping one would look like Milky, the mum, but it doesn’t matter, they are all so beautiful anyways!

I would like to say thank you, to all of you, who read this small blog of mine, and while I’m aware that’s really not many, I still appreciate it, so much. But, honestly, I don’t care about the numbers, this blog is a real comfort zone to me, a place I can, just, write down everything I’d like to share, without being too public, and I appreciate that so much. I’ve had a pretty hectic school week, and I’ve come here to write a post while listening to some relaxing music, and it just makes me feel so refreshed, like I can get back to work. Where as I’m not the biggest school fan, I do try my best, and since I have quite a huge test coming up, a lot of stress has been put upon me, so doing this really, really calms me. If you don’t already, I really recommend everyone who can to start writing a blog, whether it be about your favourite games, or baking, it’s a place you can share what you love with many other people, who might have the same interest, and I find that so amazing.

Thank you.

~ Loveacandmsp ~

Something Crazy Has Happend…. STORY TIME

Hello, I am extremely sorry I haven’t posted in AGES! I think last time I posted, I was talking about how I possibly was going to get a new bunny rabbit, so I’ll go from there..

Well, I now have my beautiful, gentle giant rabbit, Kimi! He is around 8 months old now, and he is doing very well, as soon as I can I’ll post some pictures. But, that’s not what I wanted to speak about today, but I think I might write something so you can get to know Kimi a little better as soon as I can.

This is just a story time, but I will be making an update supplying so pictures as soon as possible.

So, the crazy thing… Well, a while ago, I don’t know if you all know, but I have a female rabbit, and a male rabbit (Kimi being the male, the female is my sister’s named Milky wave) And recently, they had gotten out together, and I’ll let you finish the story, but, nether the less, we tried not to think too much of it, since now she’s around 6 years old, it was pure fear of it, you know, weakening her. To say she’s an old lady, she’s extremely strong, and I’m sure she’s going to be with us for a long while, which I’m super happy about. So, a while later, she had started making a nest, one of the first signs of rabbit pregnancy, ALTHOUGH, there is such thing as a phantom, which is a trigger in a rabbit’s mind to lead them to think they are pregnant, when they aren’t. Unfortunately, that has been something she’s suffered with for as long as she’s lived, even when we didn’t own any male rabbits. Again, we though, it might be that, since she has gotten out with our past giant, Derek, and never gave birth. Although, we were aware of the possibilities.

Now, I’m kind of going to talk in the present. Last night, my friend stayed over, and Kimi was outside, and he stamped his feet and ran inside startled. We thought nothing of it, again, we just thought it might’ve been a cat, or something like that. He was fine, and that’s what mattered, right?

Well, just the morning of the day I am writing this, my friend still being here, by the way, my mum went into where we keep our FEMALE rabbit, obviously we do not house both together, otherwise we’d have about 20 litters right now, aha, and found blood, (before you all get nervous this is going to be tragic, don’t fear, this story ends happily, extremely happily :)) and she’d told us that she’d thought that she’d gave birth to undeveloped bunnies (kits). Although, Milky Wave, was still fine! She’s a strong gal, trust me.

Then, my friends mum came to get her, and she’d told her about the blood, and about what had happend. They decided to go out and check on her a bit later on. So they did, and… You can probably guess what they found… Newborn baby rabbits! They all look healthy at the glimpses we’ve gotten of them, oh, and did I mention? I know I’ve mentioned that Kimi is a giant… Well, Milky Wave is an extremely tiny rabbit! I really don’t know how she gave birth to….4 BABY RABBITS! You don’t know how relieved I was to know that she was well, and that they were all alive. I was actually shaking, aha, I was just, relieved, I guess.

Now, everything pieced together. I think we have been honestly blessed, that she, and how tiny she is! Could give birth to DAMN 4 rabbits! As soon as I can, and as soon as Milky isn’t so protective over the bunnies, I will surely get them out (OBVIOUSLY when they are ready) and I’ll take some pictures 🙂 You’ll also get to see a little of how HUGE Kimi is, and how tiny Milky is, aha.

Thank you so much for reading, I realise this is, well, quite long ;D But, I really wanted to share this, I think it’s such an amazing story. The bunnies look extremely healthy, but they were born literally today or yesterday, we’re not sure. I can’t wait to tell everyone ;D Please comment any tips you have for me and my family, and care for Mother Rabbit, and what we can do to ensure they are healthy without disturbing anything. 🙂

Thankyou, Jess. 🙂

Friends, MSP, Life – UPDATE

  Hey everyone! So as I am posting months after the last (apparently :/) now, I though I’d post for like the second time this year! Anyway, all the stuff I said in the last post, even though it was a while ago, is still true, even though i’m posting on a Tuesday, but oh well. All this is, is a life update, on just everything, so here you go, ENJOY!
So, MSP… You probably wonder…. I thought you’d quit mate, why are you doing a category on it. I actually didn’t quit, I just don’t go on it as often. So yeah. Idk really what else to say, apart from anyone wanting any of those hairs that aren’t in the shop no more, that everyone loves, I have 3 glamour girls, one hair I don’t know the name of, and a ari hair, for any raretraders, message me your offers on blackandwhitecutiepie. I probably will accept anything rare, but it can’t be something I have… but here are the pictures:
glamour girl 1glamour girl 2glamour girl 3idek 4
ari hair 5
Glamour           Glamour
     Glamour              I                       Ari
Girl                      Girl
               Girl            Dont Know         Hair
(Blonde)            (Black)        (Brown)          (Blonde)         (Blonde)

So yeah, as I said, message me if you are intrested, and by the way, the last one isn’t blackandwhitecutiepie, it’s my backup, sweetandsourr. Carrying on…
Life (Back to School, Goals, Pets Ect.)
Back to School:
So, we all know that we’ve all, unfortunatly
, went back to school, last week, I wanna say? I’ve really trying to see it as a positive thing, but ya’know back to school is back to school, and my best advice to you is; don’t stress, but make sure you’re organzied and ready,  make sure you are loving every second of it, remember, you’ll only be in school once, mays well make the best of it!
Well, my classroom, its cool. I’m with all my girl gang… But ya’know things like, boys that are just pure silly, and all the people that think they’re better then they are at things, just things you’ll find at school, it’s normal.
I will be doing routines on like, what I do after school, what I do to keep myself organzied, and then I thought I’d do a what’s in my school bag, but I don’t know if it’s too late, but I don’t really care, but comment if you would like to see that.
So, it’s still the normal. I kinda wanna start doing something on my blog like every week, as like, I don’t know, a pet photo shoot? 😀 I think it would be super cool, and like, it would also be great for ME, as I could look back on them, so I might start posting them on fridays, tell me what you think? Also, we MIGHT, and I say might, be getting a new continetal (probably spelt it wrong, sorry) giant. My mum wants to call it Kimmy, you know, like, Kimmy Rekenen, but I don’t know.
My one goal is, even though I’m still young, is to start persuing my dreams a little more, heres just a few of my dreams;
– Be a PROFESSIONAL blogger
This will require me to start posting alot more (Lucky for you!) and start focusing on what I one million percent want to do.
– Be an author
Again, probs need to pay attention to my blogs, and my English class, I am going to start maybe writing some stories on here, so yeah.
– Be some sort of ‘animal expert’
This bassically means, know alot about animals, and be reallly experienced. This requires me to research alot and s
tuff like that, and blog alot more about my pets 😀

Ok ya’ll, that’s it for today.  I hope to post more, but don’t take my word on it, please. As I said, I have a few ideas for what I want to do,  but yeah, see you next time cuties! bye x



I’m STILL Alive!

Hello! As you can see, I’m writing on this blog, after what feels like a million years. I am so sorry I haven’t been posting, I just kind of… Well didn’t? I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with this blog, but I think I’ve now got it down. So in today’s post I am just going to reassure you that I’m still here and I do still care about this blog, but also to give you updates on what I want to do with this blog.

So, first of all, you might be wondering my new upload schedule. So I am going to try to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. AT LEAST! I might come out with some posts on different days too!

So, what am I going to be writing about? Well, Nintendo, of course! You guys know I’m a Nintendo girl, and I would like to bring you news and my thoughts on new news. And, no one here knows, but I recently joined a gymnastics club, and I LOVE it. So, I’ll be bringing posts about that too. And one last thing, beauty and lifestyle. I’m so excited to be posting more on that too. Oh I forgot! Also about my pets! That’s going to be exciting!

That’s about it for today guys! Hope that you enjoyed, and your excited I’m back, so I’m also going to start doing a question every post, so today’s post question is… Do you have a pet? Thanks for reading bye!!

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FanFic: How did ZALFIE come to be? P1

Alfie’s POV:

Okay, its Sunday, I need to get my new video up and ready, but i haven’t had a chance to read last weeks comments;

AlicePrince45: OMG! Zoella liked your video!

KatieAmes345: Zoe liked! O.o

Who on earth is Zoella? Is she another you tuber? Must be.. But why haven’t I heard of her yet? I searched them up. OMG! She has 160,454 subscribers! That’s impressive. I look on her about page, and see she has a Twitter @ZozeeBo. I message her;

“Hi thanks for liking my video! Its very nice of you! Do you have Skype?X”

Zoe’s POV

I wait for Joe so we can finally a video. “JUST A MINUTE ZO” I sit there impatiently. I was so bored. I decided to go on my twitter for a while. The first thing that I see is ‘You have received 1 new message from @PB. Who is that? Wait, is he that guy who has that channel? The one I liked one of his videos? I think so.. I read the messaage and reply with:

“Hi, Alfie, am I right? Yes I do have Skype! We should totally Skype sometime! How bout we meet at the diner in Brighton tommorow afternoon?” I wait for him to reply not really expecting him to for a while”

Alfie’s POV:

Me and Marcus were going out to town to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Suddenly, my phone beeps loudly, as always. I read the message not at all expecting it to be Zoe..

To be continued..



Hey my beloved peoples! First of all… I’M ALIVEEEE!!! xD What I mean by that is I know I haven’t posted in like forever and a day, but sorry, I can’t help my life getting busy mates.
(we all know I wasn’t busy and was totally slacking but oh well) Sorry, everything just got to crazy… ;-; (keep on talking Jess *o*) Sorry, anyway.. This is what happened on the first day of christmas 😀 I woke up. Wow. Good quote. No. I woke up.. FLAWLESS! Okay, that’s a  lie, I woke up with my hair extremely messed up so yeah that was nice.. I stayed in bed for forever and a day, because it was a stupid school day ;-; But yeah, I finally awoken from my never ending sleep, and got out of bed.. I did what I do every morning. I go downstairs. Duh.. Then I opened my calendar, and I got a cute rudolph! Okay technically it might of been a different reindeer it might not of been any of Father Christmas’s reindeers.. Yeah I’ll shut up. It had a brown nose so who was it.. Or what that just the chocolaté. Don’t even ask… I love chocolate so I give it a SPECIAL character lol. What I hate about advent calendars; It’s just a teeny chocolaté and you want more chocolate after that ;-; Or atleast I do…… Yeah I’m unhealthy (; Then I go say hey to my pets.. (family pets lololol) And give them a fussin’ lol.. Okay I need to stop with the stupid LOLs okay i’ll try yes okay. Don’t ask i’m random, you might now if you’ve been here a long time.. yeah okay let’s just get to the point. I then hear the racket of guinea pig squeaking. Mainly Pippy, who is awake and read to be NOISY. He wants food mainly so that’s always nice. Can I just say something.. You may know I freaking love animal crossing new leaf, and alot of other things, not just that animal crossing. Well, this year, instead of a new game, you brought out a FREE update, and this is not sponsered or anything duh, I don’t think I’m that popular,but the update is for new leaf and it’s the coolest thing ever, I will be doing a load of posts on that..  I hope you’re excited :p So anyway, I then watched RIDE, so if didn’t know what that is it’s a TV show on nick@nite and if you don’t know what nick@nite is nick basically @nite. I normally don’t actually watch it on the night though. So I can watch it in the morning. There was one problem which is, SWIMMING ;-; I have to go swimming at school every thursday and it just means I have to get to school earlier.. Much to my delight, I was just in time for the coach…. ;-; I was relieved to hear that we were having a fun day (basically we got to do what we wanted with the floats and what not) It was actually pretty fun although it was a whole class in about a quarter of the pool… I mean, how would that work out? And also, we weren’t even aloud to do gymnastics in there! 😦 No fun. But anyway, I learnt to live….. Then when I got home, I just edited some videos and played sims 4 for a bit, and that’s it really, so yeah, that’s it for today’s blog, I hope you are excited! And that’s it from me! Bye guys! Happy Blogmas! xD x x x x x  ♥ love you all ❤


By the way! this is my new home screen picture :p


In the spirit of christmas ;p